L&S Scholarships and Fellowships

Are you in the school of Letters & Sciences? Are you passionate about the humanities or social humanities?

Consider applying to these two scholarships!

The Wolff Fellowship: 

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The Wolff Fellowship for L&S 2023 Spring Graduating Seniors (min GPA is 3.75)This is a $45,000 post-graduation fellowship that supports an L&S graduate’s dream of adventure, travel, service, or passion project.

For more information: https://wisc.academicworks.com/opportunities/65833

Deadline to apply is: 01/23/2023


The Manny Rose Great Thinkers Scholarships:

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The Manny Ross Great Thinkers Scholarship awards up to $10,000 to an L&S student passionate about the humanities or social humanities, who engages in rigorous thought and humanistic pursuits. Must be in the top 10% of their class.

For more information: https://wisc.academicworks.com/opportunities/69105

Deadline to apply is: 11/14/2022