Decoloniality Dialogues Workshop Series

DD Collective is an interdisciplinary and transnational group of educators, scholars, healers, and thinkers. We invite the larger community to three upcoming workshops. These are shared spaces for learning and building other ways of being and engaging in teach and learning that divest from the harm, violence, and exclusions of colonial logics and institutions.

Workshop Series

Workshop 1 (Teaching and Unlearning):

Thursday, December 8th, 2-4pm EST, Zoom

The central question that this workshop will consider are:

  1. What possibilities of unlearning open up in teaching/learning environments when we collectively notice and disengage from colonial ways of knowing, being, and feeling in the colonial classroom?
  2. How can we support others to engage in unlearning and decolonial praxis?

Workshop 2 (Administration and De/Centering):

Jan 19th, 12-2pm EST


We invite administrators, staff, and others engaged in administrative functions within university contexts to join us in considering these questions: Why and what can decolonization efforts be? How can decolonial praxis be enacted within the colonial/izing space of university administration? Within the context of systemic harm and complicity that make up the fabric of colonizing universities, what does it mean for university administrators to see them/our/selves as part of both the problem and the solution? Register for the zoom event


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Workshop 3 (Research and Reknowledge Dissemination): 

March 24th, 1pm – 3pm EST 

Workshop 3_DD

Decolonial Dialogues Collective is excited to invite and welcome everyone to our third workshop titled Research and Reknowledge Dissemination. This workshop will be on March 24th from 1:00 – 3:00pm via Zoom. A key goal of this workshop is to return to all that we have engaged thus far throughout the workshop series, use dialogue and reflection as key tools to engage and make sense of these experiences, and consider the ways our constructions of knowledge might be internalized and disseminated. This goal is important because the decolonial project is a continuous and relational process; it cannot be forwarded solely through tangential experiences, nor can it be advanced in isolation. In this workshop, we invite participants to reflect upon questions about why and what decolonization efforts can be, while grounding our workshop in a focus on how decolonial praxis can be enacted within our current roles and unique contexts.

There are many possibilities we hope to spotlight and mobilize through the central questions that this workshop will consider: What are some decolonial embodied practices you can/do enact within the knowledge construction process? What are some decolonial embodied practices you use to disseminate knowledge?

The workshop will explore, for instance, embodied methodologies such as storytelling as a narrativization process that moves away from harmful methods of research and reaches towards relationality and connectivity.

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