Fall 2023 Africa at Noon Events

September 13th

Picture of Edda Fields

6th Jan Vansina Lecture

New Methods and Sources for Recovering New Voices: West African Peasant Rice Farmers and Enslaved Laborers on Lowcountry Rice Plantations

Edda Fields Black
Department of History, Carnegie Mellon University

Hosted by Khaled Esseissah

September 20th

Picture of Aili Tripp's book "Joan Wicken"

Joan Wicken: A Lifelong Collaboration with Tanzania’s President Nyerere

Aili Tripp
Department of Political Science, UW-Madison

Hosted by Marissa Moorman

September 27th

Picture of Elisa Scaraggi

Delving into Mario Pinto de Andrade’s Personal Archive – New Paths for Investigating the History of Angola’s Liberation Struggle

Elisa Scaraggi
Institute of Contemporary History, NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Lisbon

Hosted by Marissa Moorman

October 4th

Picture of Oyewale Tomori

African Viruses Flourishing in the Diaspora

Oyewale Tomori
Nigerian Institute of Science

Hosted by Gregg Mitman

October 11th

Picture of Eskadar Awgichew

Environmental Justice in Ethiopia: Navigating Hurdles and Making a Difference – An Environmental Lawyer’s Journey

Eskadar Awgichew
Eco-Justice Ethiopia, Ethiopia

Hosted by Nathan Schulfer

October 18th

Picture of Khaled Esseissah

Mawalis, Craftspeoples, and the Making of a Subaltern Scholarly Muslim Intellectual Community in West Africa, from 1800 to Recent Times

Khaled Esseissah
Department of History, UW-Madison

Hosted by Marissa Moorman

October 25th

Picture of Amb John Lange (Retd.)

Global Health and Africa

Ambassador John E. Lange (Retd.)
UN Foundations Global Health Diplomacy, former Ambassador to Botswana

Hosted by Marissa Moorman

November 1st

Picture of Alexander Thurston

Islamic Modernism and the Public Sphere in Northern Nigeria, 1940s-1960s

Alexander Thurston
Political Science, University of Cincinnati

Hosted by Khaled Esseissah

November 8th

Picture of Emma Park

Infrastructural Attachments: Austerity, Sovereignty, and the Politics of Expertise in Kenya

Emma Park
History, The New School for Social Research, and Eugene Lang College

Hosted by Daniel Williford

November 15th

Picture of Bernadette Arakwiye

AFR100: Lessons from the African Forest Landscape Initiative

Bernadette Arakwiye
World Resources Institute

Hosted by Lisa Naughton

December 6th

Picture of Fabienne Kanor

Imagining the Middle Passage:  Slavery, Race, and the Making of the Diaspora in Contemporary Francophone African Cinematic Art

Fabienne Kanor
French and Francophone Studies, Pennsylvania State University

Hosted by Nevine El Nossery

December 13th

Picture of Lindsey Green-Simms

Queer African Cinematic Art and Popular Melodrama

Lindsey Green-Simms
American University, DC

Hosted by Matthew Brown