Congratulations to Professor Katrina Daly Thompson and African language program director, Dr. Adeola Agoke

Congratulations to Professor Katrina Daly Thompson, Professor of African Cultural Studies, and Adeola Agoke, Teaching Assistant Professor and Director of the African Languages Program, for securing a competitive $300,000 grant from the United States Department of Education under the International Reach and Studies program. The project will strengthen African language instruction at UW-Madison and beyond. Thompson and Agoke will explore and respond to the national need for increased access to effective learning opportunities for studying less commonly taught languages (LCTL) and learner autonomy, especially at higher language proficiency levels. The University of Wisconsin-Madison Language Institute, a leader in LCTL education and research, will host this study. Thompson and Agoke plan to analyze data collected from 60 LTCL students, who studied 28 African and Southeast Asian LCTLs through UW-Madison’s Multilanguage Seminar. Thompson and Agoke have long been dedicated to understanding and elevating the teaching of African languages, and this work continues that great tradition. Thank you to Prof. Thompson and Dr. Agoke for your continued leadership in the field!

Adeola Agoke (pictured left) and Katrina Daly Thompson (pictured right)

The UW-Madison Multilanguage seminar is FLAS-eligible and offered during both the academic year and summer terms. To more about this program, please contact