Fall 2022 Africa At Noon Events

Fall 2022 Africa At Noon Speaker Events

September 14

headshot of Kathryn De Luna

Jan Vansina Lecture: The Long Atlantic: A History in Terms of Africa(In-Person)

Kathryn de Luna
Georgetown University

Hosted by Neil Kodesh

September 21

Headshot of Upenyu MajeeDecoloniality Dialogues: Building Decolonial Commitments and Praxis (Virtual)

Upenyu Majee, Decolonial Dialogues
Michigan State University

Hosted by Luis Madureira

September 28

CANCELLED-For a Paradigm Shift in Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation in Africa

Médard Obiang Ebanega
Omar Bongo University, Gabon

Hosted by Zuzana Burivalova

October 5

Headshot of Jill JarvisRadiant Matter : The Long Shadow of French Nuclear Imperialism in the Living Sahara (In Person)

Jill Jarvis
Yale University

Hosted by Vlad Dima


October 12

Headshot of Benedettah ThomasNikumbuke: Health and the UN Development Goals by Motorbike (In-Person)

Bendettah Muthina Thomas

Nikumbuke, Kenya


Hosted by Araceli Alonso

October 19

Headshot of Rebecca Shumway

West African Roots of Pan-Africanism (In-Person)

Rebecca Shumway

Hosted by Neil Kodesh

October 26

Headshot of John Thornton

How Jesus Became Black:  Kongo’s Discovery of its Role in the Creation and Nativity Stories (Virtual)

John K. Thornton
Boston University

Hosted by Luis Madureira

November 2

Ndau Transnational Spirits, Languages, and Identities in Zimbabwe and Mozambique (In-Person)

Emmanuel Sithole
Northwestern University, South Africa

Hosted by Katrina Thompson

November 9

headshot of Jason Stearns

When Fighting Becomes an End in Itself: Conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Virtual)

Jason K. Stearns
Simon Fraser University

Hosted by Lisa Naughton


November 16 (No Africa At Noon – ASA)

November 23 (No Africa At Noon – Thanksgiving/Indigenous People’s Day)

November 30

Arab Women’s Revolutionary Art Beyond the so-called “Arab Spring” (In-Person)

Nevine El Nossery
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Hosted by ASP


December 7

Photo of Sean JacobsWhat Comes After Representation? (In-Person)

Sean Jacobs
The New School

Hosted by Marissa Moorman


December 14

headshot of Vlad DimaMeaning-less-ness (In-Person)

Vlad Dima

Hosted by Luis Madureira