Spring 2022 Africa At Noon Events

February 2nd

“To Each Proverb Its Prosthesis: the (De)Composition of a Traditional African Verbal Art at the Present Time”

Aderemi Raji-Oyelade (Remi Raji)

Professor at University of Ibadan, Nigeria


February 16th

“Policing the Virtuous in Post-Gaddafi Libya”

Leila Tayeb

Ph.D in Performance Studies, Northwestern University

Hosted by Vlad Dima

February 23rd

“Voice of the Cape: Reclaiming Landscape Through the Sound of Cape-Town-Based Hip-Hop”

Warrick Moses

Assistant Professor of Music History and Cultures, Syracuse University

Hosted by Vlad Dima

March 2nd

“Music in/as Afropolitan Tongue: The Ethics of Personhood in Wolof Islamic Hip Hop”

Samba Camara

Teaching Assistant Professor. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Hosted by Vlad Dima

March 9th

“The Aural City: Sensory Politics in the Making of Gulu, Uganda”

Joella Bitter

Ph.D in Anthropology, Duke University

Hosted by Vlad Dima

March 23rd

“The Fabric of Diaspora: Memory, Portraiture, and Empowerment in the Quilts of Bisa Butler”

Nancy Demerdash-Fatemi

Assistant Professor of Art History, Albion College


March 30th

“French Military Interventions in Africa: Two Cheers for Multilateralism”

Tony Chafer

Professor of African and French Studies, University of Portsmouth (UK)

Hosted by Jason Yackee

April 6th

“Africa, the Great War, and William Kentridge’s “The Head & the Load”: Theatrical Collage and the Color of Memory”

Catherine Cole

Division Dean of the Arts and Professor of Dance and English, University of Washington


April 13th

“What Comes After Representation”

Sean Jacobs

Associate Professor of International Affairs, The New School in New York City

April 20th

“Uncivic Legacies: Wartime Rebel Control and Civic Society In Africa”

Justine Maisha Davis

Assistant Professor of AfroAmerican and African Studies and Political Science, University of Michigan

Hosted by John Pevehouse

April 27th

“A Paradigm Shift in Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation in Africa”

Médard Obiang Ebanega

Department of Geography and Maritime Science, Omar Bongo University


May 4th

“Building Youth Resilience through Agriculture”

Lusayo Mwakatika

Business Development Officer, ACADES Malawi